Virtual “It’s a Shore Thing”

ESLA works with government, non-profits, foundations and private business to promote the health of our lakes and rivers. Watch the interviews here to learn more about issues facing our waters and how you can help. Want more? Check our YouTube channel and sign up for our newsletter.

Andrea Albert

Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Andrea Albert talks to ESLA’s virtual “It’s a Shore Thing” host Bob Campbell about issues she encounters on our waters and how our members can help her and other officers when they see something amiss.

Mark Stone

Antrim County Director of Dams and Drain Commissioner Mark Stone talks to ESLA’s board about the safety of the Elk Rapids and Bellaire dams and his excitement about a critical study underway of the hydrology of our lakes, rivers and connecting waterways.

Ron Reimink

Ron Reimink, founder of Freshwater Solutions, L.L.C., reveals in an interview with ESLA Environment Committee chair Jan Garvey and VP Bob Campbell what his 2020 research into Swimmers Itch for ESLA showed. Spoiler alert: Think – duck, duck (uh-oh)!

Heather Hettinger

Heather Hettinger, the top Department of Natural Resources biologist in the northwest corner of lower Michigan, answers questions from the ESLA board’s fishing fanatics about the present and future of fishing our waters.

News and Upcoming Events


A literal heads-up to ESLA members and other riparians of Elk and Skegemog Lakes and connecting rivers. This week, we’ll begin using the latest technology – drone video – to conduct a shoreline and near shore waters survey. That’s something we did most recently in 2017 but with paddlers in kayaks taking notes and taking photos. As you might imagine, it was time-consuming, labor-intensive and could produce less than consistent results. Learn more on our latest blog post.

Free Fishing Weekend June 12 & 13 2021
Read the DNR Article.

Most Recent Blog Posts

ESLA Members: Report Swimmers Itch

“ESLA projects cover a large number of issues that impact anyone who shares our beautiful waters. We collect and study data on swimmer’s itch, work with area municipalities to help residents update this failing septic systems, partner with other groups to help prevent aquatic hitchhikers with boat washes and educate lake residents about invasive species and how to prevent them. ESLA strives to address all issues lake related. If there is something you are concerned about, we encourage our membership to contact us by emailing elkskegemoglakes@gmail.com or by reaching out to your zone captain. We always want to hear from our members! Want to lend a hand? We always need volunteers for some projects and are always looking for people. Together, we can make keep our lakes beautiful and protect them for future generations.

Boat Wash First – Stop Aquatic Hitch Hikers

Boat washes can help stop aquatic hitch hikers and reduce the spread of invasive species. Every year ESLA proudly partners with Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council to promote the importance of the State’s 2019 law, “Clean, Drain and Dry.” Stay tuned to learn the dates of the 2021 boat washes at White Water Park.

ESLA Committees

Environmental Protection

Researches issues and proposes ESLA positions and programs. Manages protection activities.

Finance Committee

Responsible for reviewing and providing guidance for all of the organization’s financial matters.

Government Relations

Organizes and Maintains ESLA representation with township, county, state and federal agencies.


Manages ESLA newsletter, website, email broadcasts, handbooks, membership directory etc.

Recreation & Safety

Develops programs for water and ice safety, boat and snowmobile safety, water level control.

Governance and Membership

Maintains oversight of all committees. Promotes membership and member services.

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