Volunteers Wanted

ESLA needs two volunteers from the Elk River – Spencer Bay area to place and maintain stump buoys in Elk River. Submerged logs have migrated toward the boat passage in Elk River creating potential hazards. Materials and supplies will be provided by ESLA. Stan Zenas and John Boucher will train volunteers during the placement of buoys in Torch River next spring. Those interested should contact Stan at czenas@live.com or Bob Kingon at rjkingon@prodigy.net

Officer and Director Volunteers

ESLA has operated for its 58-year history as a complete volunteer association. Our by-laws direct that approximately one-half of our officers’ and directors’ two-year terms of office expire each year, thus ensuring continuity for the organization. All terms expire following the Annual Meeting; usually held in August. This system provides for fresh ideas and new individual involvement each year. It’s an opportunity for everyone to become active in lake and shoreline management and to carry out their ideas and plans in water and shoreline stewardship.

So, now is the time to volunteer. We need you. In answer to past questions, yes, it is important for part-time residents to volunteer. While we function year-round, many of our directors are summer residents. The “year-rounders” keep you up to date with mail, email and phone calls. We need you, regardless of how many months you are here, to participate. Of course, those who do stay all year are very important.

To volunteer or just to discuss the idea, please call any one of our officers or directors. You are needed!