Volunteers Wanted

We have always operated as a volunteer organization, it is in the very life-blood of our organization. It is how we were founded and remains a guiding principle all these years later. As such we are always looking for those that might want to do more for our amazing waters. There is always some project or task to be accomplished, if you’d like to spend just a few hours once or more deeply invest your talents and time on a bigger project we are always eager to have your help. If you have an idea of something you feel passionately about in the interest of protecting and preserving our waters, please let us know. There would be no ESLA without you. If interested please reach out via email, ElkSkegemoglakes@gmail.com.

Officer and Director Volunteers

ESLA has operated for its 58-year history as a complete volunteer association. Our by-laws direct that approximately one-half of our officers’ and directors’ two-year terms of office expire each year, thus ensuring continuity for the organization. All terms expire following the Annual Meeting; usually held in August. This system provides for fresh ideas and new individual involvement each year. It’s an opportunity for everyone to become active in lake and shoreline management and to carry out their ideas and plans in water and shoreline stewardship.

ESLA encourages and needs its members to offer their help in many areas. We often need those willing to join our board. Other needs: Member and business support recruitment; Environmental Boat Wash events; Shore Thing and Annual Meeting events assistance; Technical Skills – i.e. photography, videography; editing, grant-writing, computer skills.

If interested, contact ESLA at ElkSkegemoglakes@gmail.com. Phone numbers are also listed on this website for all ESLA board members. One probably lives nearby. Leave your phone number and waterfront address in your email to help us reach out.

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