Government Relations Committee

Organizes and assures ESLA representation with each of the four townships. A member of the committee is designated as the liaison with a single township. That person attends all township meetings that pertain to ESLA concerns and represents ESLA positions to township officials. Working with the other ESLA committees, this committee establishes a unified agenda to pursue across all four townships. Similarly, members of this committee are responsible for developing ongoing relationships with specific county and state officials. A committee member is the liaison for each or a combination of the following:

  • Sheriffs of the three counties
  • Drain commissioners of the three counties
  • Erosion control officers of the three counties
  • State/regional DNRE officials

This committee is also responsible for monitoring issues related to residential and commercial development as it may adversely affect our membership.

Current Members:

  • Bob Campbell | Chair Grand Traverse County/Whitewater Township
  • Don Bonato | Grand Traverse County/Whitewater Township
  • Dave Lawicki | Kalkaska County/Clearwater Township
  • Bob Kingon | Antrim County/Milton Township