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If you have questions, have an issue you would like to report, or are interested in more information on volunteering please contact your Zone Captain based on the map below. Contact information for Zone Captains and Members is listed under the map. Click the following link for more information on ESLA Officers and Members.


Officers Address Phone Email
Bob Campbell | President 8886 Skegemog Pt Rd, Williamsburg 313-806-4060 [email protected]
George Seifried | Vice President 734 Ames Street, Elk Rapids 937-271-3316 [email protected]
Don Bonato | Rec. Sec. 8781 Skegemog Pt. Rd, Williamsburg 517-290-8668 [email protected]
Nancy Schreiber | Corr. Sec. 14016 Fairmont, Rapid City 954-240-2954 [email protected]
Phil Spangenberg | Treasurer 8991 Skegemog Pt. Rd  Williamsburg 586-215-7878 [email protected]

Zone Directors


Directors Address Phone Email
George Seifried | Captain 734 Ames Street, Elk Rapids, MI 49629 937-271-3316 [email protected]
Deanna Seifried  734 Ames Street, Elk Rapids, MI 49629 937-602-2295 [email protected]
Steve Francis 11101 Mattes Road, Williamsburg, MI 49690 231-350-0687 [email protected]
Bob McCririe 8803 Cairn Hwy, Elk Rapids, MI 49629 810-923-9075 [email protected]



Directors Address Phone Email
Bob Kingon | Captain 10202 E. Elk Lake Dr.  Rapid City 231-322-6055 [email protected]
Ruth Bay 11393 Center Rd TC 49686 231-947-1619 [email protected]
Dale Claudepierre 13952 Betty Lane. Rapid City 248-644-7614 [email protected]
Dean Ginther | Newsletter Editor 11228 Shippey Ln.  Rapid City 231-676-2928 [email protected]
Andy Hogarth 11942 E Elk Lake Trail  Rapid City 517-388-2238 [email protected]
Ken Krentz 13997 Ringler Rd.  Rapid City 231-322-4144 [email protected]
Nancy Schreiber 14016 Fairmont Rd Williamsburg 954-240-2954 [email protected]


Directors Address Phone Email
Pat Pierce 9500 Larsen Rd  Williamsburg 231-492-8042 [email protected]
Jan Garvey 9525 Palaestrum Rd Williamsburg 989-859-6216 [email protected]
Linda Slopsema 9693 Miami Beach Road, Williamsburg, MI 49690 517-614-4887 [email protected]


Directors Address Phone Email
Bob Campbell 8886 Skegemog Pt Rd, Williamsburg 313-806-4060 [email protected]
Don Bonato 8781 Skegemog Pt Rd, Williamsburg 517-290-8668 [email protected]
Phil Spangenberg 8991 Skegemog Pt Rd, Williamsburg 586-215-7878 [email protected]
Kate Lett            Hoiles Dr. NW, Williamsburg [email protected]


Directors Address Phone Email
Mary Beth Kazanski 9501 Shellway Dr, Rapid City 609-577-3814 [email protected]

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