For the first time in ESLA’s nearly 75 years, our non-profit actively solicited support from our local business community. The following list represents our inaugural Business Supporters. Thank them for their help when you use their services or buy their products. We expect this list to continue to grow. If interested in becoming an ESLA business supporter, contact Nancy Covington Schreiber at 954-240-2954 or email

Top Business Supporter –

Business Supporters Telephone Website
Elk Rapids Marina on Elk Lake 231-264-9500

Patron –

 Business Supporters Telephone Website
Barker Creek Nursery 231-267-5972
Blackmore Property Maintenance 231-264-9404
Bodywise 231-264-6688
Bokhara Pet Resort 231- 254-5855
Chemical Control Company 231- 946-5771
Great Lakes Cottage Watch 231-633-7378
Habitat Landscape 231-622-2688
Miner’s North Jewelers 231-946-8528
North Shore Dock 231-313-2627
Raymond James Rockne “Rocky” Paige 248-277-8875

Backer –

 Business Supporters Telephone Website
All Smiles Family Dentistry 231-264-6300
Century 21 Northland Kellie Sergent 231-264-4500
Coach’s Angle Charters Fred Fields 260-519-1168
Elk Rapids Skin & Laser Clinic 231-264-0700
Fish With Jim Outfitters 231-252-1277
Lakeside Properties Real Estate 231-254-5000
Michigan Lake Products 231-264-8002
RE/MAX of Elk Rapids Don Fedrigon 231-264-5400
Short’s Brewing Company 231-498-230
Stoney Cabin Toys 231-498-5744
Village Market 231-264-5629