About Elk-Skegemog Lakes Association

ESLA is a non-profit organization, and is one of the oldest, largest, and most effective riparian associations in Michigan. Formed in 1950 by four property owners on Skegemog Point, the association has grown from the initial 15 charter members to over 700.

ESLA’s focus is in protecting the environment, monitoring development, tracking water quality and following trends in boating, fishing, and other uses of our lakes. ESLA has worked closely with other environmental organizations to sustain high water quality, responsible shoreline development, and safe recreational use.

As the waters of ESLA become more popular and more crowded with increased boat traffic and shoreline development, it is imperative that a watchful eye is kept to protect our environment. If you are interested in joining ESLA, contact the ESLA Membership Committee at info@elk-skegemog.org. ESLA Membership is open to all interested parties.


Promote an understanding and appreciation of the rights of and responsibilities of owners of riparian lands.

Do all things and take such actions as may be necessary or desirable to protect and preserve the environment of the area of the Elk-Skegemog watershed, including connecting lakes, streams, and wetlands.

Help solve problems common to the members, involving lake level, water safety, water pollution and indiscriminate or over development of the waterfront which could lead to overuse of the waters or deterioration of their quality.

Cooperate and otherwise interact with federal, state, and local government bodies and other organizations concerned with water quality and environmental issues, and to advance their programs to the extent they shall improve, develop, benefit or serve the area.

Undertake periodic scientific tests of the quality of the water in Elk and Skegemog Lakes and take actions, and encourage others to take actions, which preserve the clean and pure waters contained therein.

Assist in the acquisition, establishment, maintenance and protection of nature preserves, wilderness, and other protected areas in the general vicinity of Elk and Skegemog Lakes and their connecting lakes and streams.

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